Dustin Fowler ceramics


Wood fired pottery is a centuries old method of firing clay and a process that connects me to my North Carolina home. All of my work begins with one of my largest inspirations; materials found in North Carolina. My channel of creation revolves around different phases spent with the material. The first part of my journey is throwing, sculpting, and manipulating the clay with my hands, ultimately creating forms
and surfaces that will showcase the beauty of a wood-fired surface.

Once a body of work is created, it then moves into the next phase firing, which is far more out of my control. During the loading and firing process, I can speculate and use my experience and knowledge from previous kiln firings in an attempt to achieve distinct results. But in reality, the clay, flame, ash, embers, and the sustained high temperatures (2400 degrees) control the results of the finished pieces.

Opening the kiln and experiencing each surface – from a teacup to a wall sculpture – influences and inspires my next cycle of creating.  With every bit of information from each firing I am able to create assignments for myself and the material to push the new cycle forward and learn more about myself as a maker.